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Imagine that you can know the capacity requirements for your new application before it is developed. Imagine that you can deliver that application on time and within budget while meeting your performance requirements - with the first release.

A New Paradigm

We shift the paradigm for managing software performance from problem solving to performance excellence. With this approach:
  • Architects know that their architecture will support performance requirements before committing to code.
  • Project managers can track the status of performance while the software is being developed.
  • Performance specialists have time to run load and stress tests without encountering "surprises."
  • Risks to achieving performance requirements are identified and addressed early in the process, saving both time and money.
  • Software that meets performance requirements is delivered on time and within budget.

Software Performance Engineering

Software Performance Engineering (SPE) is a systematic, quantitative approach to the cost-effective development of software systems to meet performance requirements. SPE, a software-oriented approach, focuses on architecture, design, and implementation choices.

SPE gives you the information you need to build software that meets performance requirements on time and within budget.